Colombia - Frontera de Acevedo



Acevedo is a municipality located in the southeastern-most corner of the Huila region of Colombia. This unique microclimate is wedged in between two mountain ranges, known as cordilleras. The differentials in humidity, rainfall, and temperature create ideal coffee growing conditions.

Notes: Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Cacao

Hamlets: La Estrella, Bateas, Las Minas, El Vergel, Bolivar, La Barniza

Closest Town: Acevedo

Region: Huila

Altitude (MASL): 1350-1700

Harvest Season: October to December

Process: Washed, 24-30 hours fermentation, raised beds 15-20 days

Varietals: Colombia, Castillo

Picking: Hand-picked

The variety found in the cup profiles coming from Acevedo reflect its array of microclimates. Altitude ranges from 1200 to 1800 meters above sea level (MASL) with many of the farms we buy from lying within the 1400 to 1800-meter range.  An increase of elevation usually results in an increase in perceived acidity in the cup. This is potentially in part due to an increase in exposure to UV radiation, but mostly caused by the larger diurnal swings that happen at higher elevations. The cooler nights that occur at higher elevations lead to slower cherry maturation, which leads to a sweeter, more complex cup. 

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