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This coffee comes Gucienda estate which is a family owned estate approx. 14 acres, located only 10kms from Embu town. It was established in 1997. This estate produces approx. 50 tonnes of ripe cherry every year. The Estate gets pumped water from river Giachangi which flows from the slopes of Mt. Kenya to ensure crisp and clean water for washing coffee.

Notes: Blackberry, Honey, and Hibiscus

Managers: Two Brothers, Edwin Mati & Benson Mati

Region: Embu County

Harvest: Main Crop is October-December, Fly Crop is May to July

Process: Kenyan Washed

Varietals: SL28, SL34

Altitude: 1900 MASL

Processing at the Guchienda Estate Wet Mill adheres to stringent, quality-driven methods. After the ripe cherry is delivered to the processing area, it undergoes meticulous sorting to ensure an exceptional, consistent cup right at the start of processing. Once pulped, cherries are delivered to fermentation tanks, where they ferment for about 24-36 hours depending on the ambient temperature of the season. The coffee is then fully washed to remove traces of all mucilage. The parchment* is then distributed on raised drying beds, where it will dry slowly over the course of around 12-20 days. The parchment is covered during peak temperatures and sun exposure to avoid quality degradation.


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