Coffeehaus is, at it's core, a consultancy, providing industry-leading insight into an ever-changing market. We help restaurants, hotels, cafes, and brands alike in crafting meaningful beverage experiences by offering turnkey programs in design, training, product curation, and of course - coffee - with one goal: to instill a sense of confidence within our customers. As the market shifts, we want to remain on top of the ever-changing product lists by offering a place of referent opinon - an uncompromising search for excellence.

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Coffee roasting is the core of our operation and the heart of our company., and we prioritize providing an increased level of transparency over anything. The ever-lasting serach for the perfect coffee will never be achieved, but it is our goal to showcase some of the best we have found along the journey. Beyond, we carry with us an obsession for uncompromising quality based on research, functionality, and testing. Every product in our store is tried and tested by both ourselves and the industry it supports.

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Coffeehaus is devoted to a 'making it right' attitude, providing a curated and customized experience for each and every person who orders from our site. Whether the question is 'how do I make the perfect pour-over?' or 'how do I replace the expansion valve on my espresso machine?!', we are here for those specific instances. We want to be able to help you in persuing your own path towards coffee excellence.

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