This ambitious project broke ground all the way back in 2019, and what they've done in the four years of build out is nothing short of astounding: a brand new space who’s timelessness makes it feel like it's been existing for an eternity.

Spanning three floors and offering a large variety of newly published books, Flyleaf also has a robust coffee, cocktail, and wine program making it an immediate neighborhood hotspot.


Working with their previously developed branding, we created a retail coffee solution that emphasizes a striking presence on the shelf, with minimal staging to contrast the shelves and shelves of books throughout the space.

Build Out

Working with the main builders for this project, we were able to curate a selection and layout of equipment that not only works well from a flow perspective, but is absolutely seamless in aesthetic with the rest of the space.

We put together a custom La Marzocco Strada 2AV, sourcing the exact wood used in the bookshelves and counters and making custom side panels, as well as taking each piece of steel hardware and brass coating to match the hardware of the space. At the end of the day, this is a stunning set up with great flow to match.


With such a large variety of offerings on the bistro side of the business - cocktails, beer and wine, food, as well as coffee - we wanted to create a simple menu that maximized quality and efficiency for a seamless work flow.


Working with a management team with little to no coffee experience, it was very important to us that the training program was both easy to grasp but comprehensive.

Dedicating a week to solely training management, both on the bookstore side and the bistro side: going over the finer details of coffee knowledge and service such as recipe building, dialing in, milk steaming and latte art, and ideal bar flow.

After their management felt sufficiently confident in their knowledge and skills, we went on to train their entire staff: training each staff member one on one before moving to full mock shifts where they make everything on the menu.