Acaia Ion Beam


It feels like yesterday we were just at SCA in Portland searching far and wide for new products to bring to the shop. Well, I didn't find much - but one thing I did get to see was the Acaia Ion Beam in action. 

Now - deionization has been around for a long time, but we rarely got to see it used in coffee grinders aside from the fringe YouTube videos where people were taking apart their own grinders and installing DI components inside. 

That was until companies like Fellow started using DI tech internal to some of their home grinders, which are working very well. But for the most part, even the most expensive grinders still have no Anti-Static tech built in - and their solution is almost always RDT (Ross Droplet Technique). RDT is good, but IMO - not the final solution to the static problem.


The Ion Beam is a great first step into fixing the static issue - and it just plain works. In the app, make sure you leave the setting on high. 

Here is my video on RDT / Static: 

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