Anzu - Oolong


Anzu translates to apricot and symbolizes new beginnings because of its tree's beautiful early-spring blossoms.

 We believe that this tea embodies that spirit to the limit. This award-winning tea boasts smooth floral notes up front, but leaves you with an incredible sweetness that unmistakable from nectarine and apricot once it settles on the palate. Produced on a 4th generation farm in Kyushu, an area filled with early morning fog which creates a perfect environment for tea growing: excellent sunlight exposure, mineral rich soil, and an ideal morning dew. Best for a cozy break on a chilly day, or chilled on a sunny afternoon.

The Facts

   Notes: Apricot, Peaches, Wildflower Honey,  

   Grade: Premium

   Region: Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture 

   Harvest Season: June 2024

   Picking: Machine-Picked

Further Information

Oolong is not the first thing you think of when it comes to Japanese tea. Around 98% of Japan's tea production is made up of green tea/matcha - which means this is one of the most rare tea products that Japan produces. It is a semi-oxidized tea that goes through anywhere from five to seven steps to complete. The process of creating oolong is an art form in the way it differs from producer to producer.

Generally, the process starts with flushing the leaves, then withering them. Once this cycle is complete they will begin the oxidation process. The length of this process depends on the producer. Oolong tends to go anywhere from very light, to as dark as a black tea. But this oxidation period still keeps the sweetness that exists in the green tea at the forefront. This tea tends to be on the very light end of the spectrum, still following the normal Japanese tradition of tea processing.

After this stage, the tea is then fired - introducing heat halts the oxidation process and locks in the producer's desired profile. Depending on the producer, this process can even include roasting to introduce a very nutty flavor. Finally, the tea is rolled and then dried for the final product.

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