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This is the serious stuff. In America - you hear the words 'Ceremonial', 'Culinary', 'Conventional'; all of the C's of matcha. Well, in Japan, it isn't really like that. By no means is matcha uniform in price over there, but they are most definitely leaps & bounds ahead of us in terms of quality. 

So, we went to the source... and the results were astounding. Here is one of our first ever matcha sku's we ever brought in - and despite what your palette may tell you - this isn't even the best one we bought. 

Available in wholesale quantities as well right here on the website because - frankly - cafes should get a shot at not having the wool pulled over their eyes by wholesalers in the US. If you are interested in getting an additional wholesale discount, email us - 

From Harrison:

This Matcha is an incredibly clear, very bright cup of matcha. With very little astringency, this matcha is perfect for a daily drinker. From the connoisseur of high quality matcha, to someone who's looking to get into matcha, Ayame will surprise everyone with its delightful flavor. The Producer, Mizota Chisako has been selling tea since the 1960s, passing down her and her husband's tea picking tradition to her grandchildren after the passing of their son. To this day, Mizota-San still personally sells her prize winning and absolutely outstanding green tea. 

Notes: Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Puffed Rice 

Producer: Mizota Chisako, UNOIKE

Established: 1965

Grade: Premium Ceremonial Grade

Region: Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture 

Harvest Season: May

Picking: Hand-Picked 


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