Kohauku Platinum Oolong


Made from the rare Okumusashi Cultivar, this tea will leave you remembering what having a nose actually is.

Expertly crafted to be more oxidized than Ichoucha (withered green tea), yet not quite as much as your traditional Oolong, this tea packs layers upon layers of aroma. This tea is beyond sweet, bringing more flowers to the table than a first date.

Kohaku is produced by withering (ichou) hand-picked tea leaves from Shimizu-san's private tea garden to create the floral aroma. The secret of the aroma comes in part from the thicker leaves but also from the process of withering, in which the harvested tea leaves are carefully withered to enhance their scent.

Harvested leaves are withered in the sun then withered further indoors. The withered leaves are then pan fired using a method known as kamairi oolong tea manufacturing on specialized Taiwanese tea processing equipment. Finally, they are green roasted using the basket-firing method.

Notes: Chamomile, Jasmine, Daffodil, English Cucumber

Producer: Bizenya 

Region: Takahagi, Hidaka City, Saitama

Harvest Season: Spring

Picking: Hand Picked


1st Steep: 5g tea, 200ml of 190ºF/87ºC water, 90 seconds

2nd Steep: 60 Seconds

3rd and beyond: 90 seconds


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