Mahlkonig EK43 / 43s


So, I get the sticker shock with this one. This is an insane purchase - and you should think of it that way. It in no way is a practical home grinder as it is wholly built for the commercial environment, but to me - this is the end game. I get that there are EG-1's and other $4k+ grinders more suited for the home grinder, but there is nothing quite like an EK. 

I am here simply to recommend the best of the best - and although I would likely deem this impractical for 99% of enthusiasts, it is the best for a reason. And those reasons: 

Superior touchpoints - everything is quality, from the buttons to the finish. It sits heavily on your countertop, feeling connected to your entire environment. If you have this sitting on a nice piece of granite - it will be nearly silent. 

Huge motor - 12 amps and 1300 watts is insane. 

Huge burrs - 98mm

I have had mine for ten years now and will never look back. 

So - back to commercial quality: I am still of the mindset that this is the best grinder out there. Though many have attempted to dethrone them - and yes, there are cheaper versions that do a decent job, this is the only *DO-IT-ALL* grinder I will put on the website. We are here to do one thing - provide you with the right & best decision. 

Thanks for considering Coffeehaus for your purchase, it means a lot.

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