Matcha Whisk V 1.2


Making matcha when I'm behind bar has always been a challenge. Picture this - you're ten drinks deep during a rush and you hear over your shoulder the dreaded two-syllable word: matcha. For many a barista, matcha has always proven to be a massive distraction from your regular flow, as you have to drop everything, hand-dose, hand-dispense, and hand-whisk. 

Not to mention, the destruction of those bamboo whisks. Maybe it's just our clients, but some of those whisks have seen better days. No doubt those whisks are the traditional way to go & yield amazing results, but some of those whisks are very fragile and not fit for the commercial environment. 

So - I wanted to fix that. Think back to the chemistry days; lab goggles, lab coats, and gloves. You're given an Erlenmeyer flask, a white pill-looking thing, and a mysterious base plate with a potentiometer - science! 

So - this is just that. A matcha whisk attachment made for a lab-grade stir plate. The intention here is to avoid the 30 seconds or so of stirring required by yourself on bar - we understand how difficult it is to shift gears like that. This isn't per se a better way of making matcha - yet - but like the humble Puqpress - it's consistent, commercial, and reliable. I am in no way claiming that the multiple-century old matcha whisking tradition is being replaced by this object... yet! 

So I've made 20 of them with the help of my friends from Thingsmiths in Ann Arbor out of a food-safe 3D printed filament. Before I make more - I want some feedback. So if you are buying one, you agree to give me some solid feeback! 

Thanks for reading,


Recommended Stir Plate: TBD

Downloadable PDF About The Whisk: Here

Once I have the step file - I will also be sharing it here :) 

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