Mitsue Competition Sencha


This competition grade sencha is special - full-bodied, rich in umami, sweet, with almost no bitterness. We got notes of buttered sweet corn, dashi, and wildflowers with an incredibly intense, vegetal aroma. This is an exemplary competition-grade fukamushi sencha, with the second steep being our favorite. Check out Harrison's tea brewing video for our recommended parameters! 

The tea trees are grown in a mild climate at an elevation of 250m, right off of the coast, and surrounded by several volcanos. Due to this unique combination of factors, the Chiran terroir is incredibly distinct, and is one of Japan's most celebrated tea regions.

The producers at Nagayama Tea Factory do a deep steam right after harvest to preserve the umami and sweetness (fukamushi). This results in a reduction in the caffeine and a high theanine content, making this perfect to savor any time of day. 

Producer: Kazuhiro Nagayama, Nagayama Tea Factory

Established: 1942

Origin: Chiran, Kagoshima

Harvest: Shincha (First Harvest) - March/April 2023

Cultivar(s): Sae-Midori, Yutaka-midori

Steaming: Deep, Fukamushi

Net Weight: 50g

Kazuhiro Nagayama is the fourth generation of the Nagayama family to run the facility. Nagayama-san has dedicated his time to maintaining the standards set forth by his great-grandfather, getting the Nagayama Tea Factory certified in wholly sustainable agriculture by the Japanese government. He lets the tea speak for itself, and farms with respect for the unique environment that produces such an incredible product. 

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