Nendo - Houjicha



Nendo, meaning Clay, describes the color, spirit, and method in which this tea is created.

From Miyazaki, this exceptional competition-grade organic houjicha is a rare gem. Using only the stalks of kamairicha (pan-fired tea), this roasted delicacy is Tetsuya Kai's cherished treasure and showcases the uniqueness of Miyazaki tea. Tea master Kai-san has created an extraordinary blend, bringing together a variety of rare tea cultivars from his fields, such as Kanamidori, Miyamakaori, Yamanami, Takachiho, Harumidori and Saeakari (among others) to create a true piece of art. Some of these varietals are only grown in this part of Japan. 

The Facts

   Notes: Baking chocolate, sweet tobacco, walnut

   Grade: Competition Shaded Kukicha

   Region: Isshin En Tea Plantation, Miyazaki Prefecture

   Harvest: 2024

   Picking: Hand picked

Further Information

I am not going to lie here: This Houjicha is by far the greatest that I have ever had on my journey so far. Silky smooth, toasty, but not overwhelming. Simply put, this tea brings me into a state of sheer serenity from taste, aroma, and drinking experience. If you are a houjicha lover, this will be a transcendental experience for you. The twigs are thick, bold and sweet. Even though it is special, it's still perfect for daily drinking - I do so most nights of the week. One more addition is that this tea is fully shaded as a gyokuro before processing which brings out that incredible flavor in the end. This is not common practice for Houjicha, and after having this tea, I believe it very well should be. 

I highly recommend brewing this tea in ceramic or clay to bring out the warmth from the roasting. Anything will do, but I find that I generally get a warmer overall profile when I brew it this way.  I generally like to increase temp per steep, starting lower, and working my way up higher the more steeps I do. 

- Harrison

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