Wholesale Only: Kagoshima Matcha+


This is the serious stuff. In America - you hear the words 'Ceremonial', 'Culinary', 'Conventional'; all of the C's of matcha. Well, in Japan, it isn't really like that. By no means is matcha uniform in price over there, but they are most definitely leaps & bounds ahead of us in terms of quality / price ratio.

So, we went to the source... and the results were astounding.

We were so stunned with the change in price/quality ratio that it completely changed our matcha buying habits. This specific matcha was designed to REPLACE the matcha that you have been buying from wholesalers set on marking it up to oblivion. This 'barista-level' matcha will meet your expectations for 25% of the cost of your other wholesale matcha. Remember, this isn't going to exceed the quality of the matcha you have been buying - it is going to meet it. If you are looking to exceed it for STILL less than you are paying, inquire about our Ayame Matcha wholesale:

This is probably not going to be up forever like this, but if you see this - it's real. This is the wholesale price; no special login or hoops to jump through - this is exactly what it will cost. Free shipping included. Power to the cafes who have been upsold on inferior matcha for far too long. 

Thanks for considering Coffeehaus for your purchase, it means a lot.

Something we like to offer is free shipping on all orders. Because of this, it is in our best interest to ship via UPS Ground, which can take anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on your proximity to our warehouse in Detroit. If you are looking for expedited shipping, you can request it via and we will send you an invoice for the amount.

All returns or exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of receiving a delivery.

Returned equipment removed from the original packaging is subject to a 20% restocking fee.

To initiate a return or exchange please contact


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