Yohei Competition Gyokuro


From Harrison: 

This Yohei Gyokuro has a texture that is second to none. As a competition grade Gyokuro, this tea has so much to offer. Grown and loved by the tea masters of Koga Seicha with a 200 year history of cultivation; the intricacies of this leaf bring out very little astringency, a complex sweetness of buttered corn and stevia, and an incredible finish of umami. 

It is also incredibly important to mention that this tea is classified as a "Dento Hon". 

Dento (伝統) translates literally to "tradition". This classification of teas is very popular in Hoshino Village in Yame, where this tea was cultivated. The bushes are grown wildly, not trimmed into rows. This allows the bush to express itself naturally, which comes through in any Dento Hon tea. For Dento Hon Gyokuro specifically, the leaves start to bud, the bush is immediately covered from sunlight, to create the Gyokuro above.  

Origin: Hoshino Village, Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Producer: Koga Seicha, by 9th generation Tea Master Koga Yoshinobu (古賀善信)

Founded: 1819 

Size: 100g Bag 

Classification: Competition-Grade Dentou Hon Gyokuro(八女伝統玉露) 

Harvest: Spring 2023 


Brew Guide: 

1st Steep: 7 grams, 50ml Water, at 135ºF/60ºC at 2 minutes. 

2nd Steep: 200ml Water, 145ºF/63ºC. for 30 seconds. 

3rd Steep: 200ml Water, 145ºF/63ºC for 1 Minute 



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